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Besides words, there are various tools for communication.
We feel happiness when we can touch creators' personality and their history...
What a great pleasure!
It wants to be a place where we can meet such a lovely feeling...
And if it is same wave, it's great!

Racing car...
This is a tool which drivers challenge for maximum running and Stop & Go.

Please inform it of the visit one desired.

Ondes Martenot...
This is a tool which players communicate with sounds.

We will meet each other in the same wave, then start...



      Kashimanomori Art Cube  
Art Director Naoyuki Omo
Racing Car, XOF3

What a shame!  They are almost same design.
Open the bonnet, and look it, this engine is an engine of other companies.
Oh, this switch!...Yes, this is a same with that car's.
Racing is a war of the manufacturers.
What do they fight for? Just for the image of the maker...?
If the Renault's sign of engine was changed, it becomes Nissan's engine?
Where has Mr. Soichirou Honda gone...?
Racing car - engine is HONDA MUGEN,
gearbox is Hewland,
chassis is Dallara, and breaks is Brembo...
All cars are same package. Do you call this a real racing?!

F3 XO-RACING - engine, gearbox, chassis...100% original!
Hey, don't be so serious!
Step by step. Modesty is important.
Even if you are in a hurry so much, the car can't run fast immediately!
Building up is important for the human being.

He told me such a thing...


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Ondes Martenot    
    Analog electronic musical instrument, Ondes Martenot
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6AU6 6BQ5 OA2 and 6X4...
Super-heterodyne radio which I made a long time ago.
So exciting, I love it!  The world where I can enjoy by myself...
Experience?  It's enough for me.
Since 3 years old...
At that time, valve-radios, televisions and audio systems were thrown away in a nearby dumping ground anytime.
It was just a turning point to the transistor...for me, every day, so excited and thrilled.
I spent all the time picking them up, taking them apart and assembling.
Just until recently I was an OTAKU in secret...
It is not pride, but I am the NO.1 in the world by the soldering.
I may take the world by soldering!
I am excited and thrilled so much...

Hey, calm down!  What are you thinking about?
Ondes Martenot is a musical instrument, isn't it?
It can't live without players, can it?
Only you are excited in your room, alone...what will be happened?
You have to come in contact with people mild to make the instrument as a tool...
And have respect for musician's heart more and more...
Then, sweet sounds come out...

He told me such a thing...




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